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Blog Affiliate Secrets

Introduction: Another series of blogging and money

By simply placing the right affiliate links on their high traffic blog, many online entrepreneurs are making some very serious money.

Actually it is a lot simpler than you think because all a blog affiliate has to focus on to start generating a good income from their affiliate program is traffic. The more targeted that traffic arriving at their blog is, the more money they'll make from their affiliate programs. For instance targeted traffic will tend to click much more at the Adsense ads in search of more information and this will obviously put more money in the pockets of the blog affiliate.

The most effective way for a blog affiliate to generate targeted traffic is through articles marketing. By writing a couple of promotional articles, whose objective will be to direct traffic to the blog, a blog affiliate can end up with lots of highly targeted prospects at their blog. However it is important to note that articles marketing is a special skill that you will need to learn. The good news is that once you've acquired the relevant skills and knowledge, there will be no limit to the sort of income that you can earn from your blog.

It is also important that you realize that text affiliate links planted right in the middle of your content will work best to help you maximize on your blog affiliate income.

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Introduction: Today I will create a series of blog post that came from other people before I start blogging about how to make money with blog.

Source: Ezine Article, http://www.BigFatMillionaire.com

Making money with a blog is easier than ever. You can quickly turn a blog into a major income stream if you know what you're doing. Imagine how amazing it will be, sitting home and collecting checks every month from your blog. Thousands of people are doing it and it's your turn to get in on the action. When people ask me how to make money with a blog, here are a few tips I give them.

Advertising Space
You first have to create great content and then get traffic to your blog. Once you get the visitors you can sell advertising on your blog. People are willing to pay big money to get onto a quality blog in their niche. As you get more traffic, you can charge more money for the advertising space on your blog.

Write Reviews of Existing Products
You can write reviews of existing products and then join the affiliate programs of each product. You'll make a percentage on the sale of each product. Go to ClickBank, PayLoadz and Amazon and find a combination of digital and actual "real life" products to sell on your blog. Write honest reviews of the products. Don't make it overly obvious that you're trying to sell people on the products.

So, you wanted to learn how to make money with a blog - I hope this helped. There are lots of techniques to drive traffic to your blog and you have to learn the methods if you want to be successful.

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Rare Money Making Opportunity: 2 Proven Tactics That Netted Over $10,000 For A Teenager


Intoduction: This blog post came from Ezine Articles and I found it to be good. I will also write some articles on it in the next days.

Do you want to have a rare money making opportunity business? If yes,then you should read this article if you are looking for an answer to that question. To have a rare money making opportunity business, you must be an affiliate marketer. But how do you make affiliate marketing a rare money making opportunity business? In this article, I am going to provide you with 2 steps that will help you make affiliate marketing a rare money making opportunity business.

What is the first step I need to take to make affiliate marketing a rare money making opportunity business?

To make affiliate marketing a rare money making opportunity business, you will need to make use of blogs. As soon as you signup for an affiliate program, you should create a blog that you will use to promote it. To create a rare money making opportunity business with affiliate programs, simply place a link to the product you are promoting along with a short review that recommends the product.

How do I make money after creating a rare money making opportunity business blog?

As soon as you have setup your rare money making opportunity business blog, the next step to take is to drive traffic to your rare money making opportunity business blog. Simply submit your rare money making opportunity business blog to top blog directories. Just type "top blog directories" into your favourite search engines and begin to submit. Another way to drive traffic in the direction of your rare money making opportunity business, is to write articles that are related to the topic of your affiliate product. Submit these articles to article directories, and link back to your affiliate blog in the resource box. And that is how you easily create a rare money making opportunity business for you.

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Reasons Why We Must Create a Logo


We all know that logos are seen everywhere, and we also see them I blogs. The logo represents some organization, company, trademark, abbreviation, and many more. Some reasons why blog needs a logo are:

1. Inspiration

Creating your logo makes you feel the profession you have entered and that it keeps determination that keeps you typing on that keyboard. It gives you some sort of an idea to yourself that you are stepping on level two in your blogging careers and it really works! You will see that you are enjoying blogging with less fatigue.

2. Professionalism
Having a logo sparks some overview that you are quite great in your blog. It is also nicer to just embed your logo on e-books, e-mail, products, and many more which does gives you some formalization in your transactions, thus making you the sense of professionalism.

Naturally, surfers (which spend atleast 3 sec in a page view) will judge the blog by its cover and if you have a logo, then they might borrow some time to look what is your capacity and what is your logo stands for.

3. Representation
Have you seen sponsored concert, or a boxing arena (especially in Las Vegas)? Do you notice that they are somewhat tattooed with several logos that are representing different companies and organization? This is one of the functions of logo, the representation. It is a good way of promotion tactics, especially if your logo is becoming (extremely) popular.

In blogosphere we can use these logos for representation of our blog in some transaction or activities that we will do. Thus, it gives us convenience in a way that people will notice our link not just by looking in a pale link (maybe).

4. Trademark

The dictionary defined trademark as” a distinctive mark used by manufacturer to distinguish product from ones manufactured or sold by others” which gives the importance of logo as a tool to easily distinguish your produced (e.a e-books, t-shirt) which gives it a sense of pride in your part.

5. Identification
Logo can give you distinct identification in blog industry. Especially if you have given good service and if you are also a very good writer in which you have earned trust from your customer (visitors) then if the owner’s logo will be seen then they will realize that it is the blog that gives them great things.

Places where to find logo generators:

Logomaker: They offer free to customize templates and easy to use tool. Once you have created your logo, you can download it if you will pay for it.

Logoease it is a site where you can design your logo easily and the best of all is it is totally FREE! The thing that is not good with it is that they don’t give much f the template instead an image tha you can use in logo making.

These are some list of great logo maker that you can use. You can search them in the internet

· Green Logo v.1

· Green Logo v.2

· LogoStudio

· AAA Logo 2008

· Photoshop

I hope you enjoyed this post. Try making your logo and let it do something for you.

Author: You can complete this post with your related information that you know. Any comments are highly appreciated. Thank you

Great Tips in Having a Good Blog Post (part 1)

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We often seem ourselves run dry in finding ideas that we will need for a blog post. So, we often ended with the words like: “I still don’t know what I will post, maybe sometime”. My first tip here is not to say that words. Today I will present some of the ideas that will help you in creating a blog post.

1. Search for the need
Eventually people do surfing on things that they don’t know and which they need an answer. Often times there are no answer on their question in the net; in this case you must act to this opportunity. Write a post according to that question that people need and you will be the first to discuss it. If it will done nicely, visitors will come and you will be the very first to benefit on it.

2. Review a popular website
Choose a site that you are always using, make a review on it and post your comment. You can state tutorials on how to use it or state some secrets. People will love it, depending on the usefulness of your review.

3. Create a useful directory
Make a list of site that are very helpful for other visitors and post some description on it. Visitors often bookmark this site for future use in their future need. So, take a very good watch on this thing.

4. Review a product from amazon.com
This will be useful for the buyers who intend to buy something from Amazon. Often times, buyers will search first about the product that they will buy before they will release their money. So, be the great in reviewing it, and the visitors will love it very much especially that you have given some overview on it. But, be ready for confirmation and debate that may happen, especially that people have different reactions on it.

5. Discussing controversial issue
Take the hot issue all around the world (especially those with topics that are related with your blog). Give your opinion with it and it is better if you will have an experience to share. You may also put some of the comments of your fellow blogger on it and it will be an instant hit for people. They may often visit your blog for it for new post or comments.

6. Make a list of important sources

Create a list of credible site or blogs where you can find ideas in your blog post. Make links from them (if you want) to refer them as your reference (it is a good etiquette to do so). You can also discuss their post if you agree or disagree with them (just make it polite). This technique will be very useful for you in future time to come. And it is a worth of effort, I tell you.

7. Do a unique style of post

One, of the great idea that always keeps appearing in my mind is that you can use videos to change your style of blogging. It will be great if you will have some review about it or if you will say something with the aid of it. This is usually down by the big sites as a tool for explaining like the BlogRush (that is currently close for some reasons), ViralAds, and many more. They often attract visitors to stay on their site, without get boring (in my case) reading those texts and it is also easy to absorb the aims they are trying to say. In my point, use some techniques in posting and who knows what it can bring to you.

8. Creating How-to’s post
It is a big hit for blog to post how-to’s, they bring lots of opportunity to the owner of the blog and in fact it is not very hard to make them. Just, be very careful in the choice of your topic and teach them the things that you have the passion in doing it.

9. Explain Something about you blog
I think newbie in blog, must do this before doing some deep post about their topic, visitors might take a look of your purpose before going to read your blog. It is also a chance for you to relay them the reasons while you have choose your topic.

10. Share your Experience
It is a way of interacting with your readers, choose some of the topics that you can relay some of your experiences, it is also good to share things that you have learned from that experience and I assure you that your visitors will love and it and will know something about you that will benefit you (depending on your case)

It is not the end of this post, There are still part two. So watch out for more good ideas that is worth of reading.

Top 20 Strategies in Driving Traffic towards your Blog


Top 20 Strategies in Driving Traffic towards your Blog

We find ourselves to be the one that is the most loyal reader of our traffic. I experienced it once when I first take my first steps in blogging (the time that I thought blogging is just simple way to do and I am just sort of playing), at first when I have few post (that are just a simple post) I always surf the net for the traffic and I found these sites and make me obsessed. But, I don’t realize at once that what I am doing is just surfing and not blogging. Several months have pass and here I am, who acquired some sort of knowledge (as I see it) which I think came from my great mentors, my experiences. So, by reading hundreds of blogs (which I enjoyed) and learning from great bloggers, I list down some of the most common and the most effective techniques in driving traffic towards my blog. So, I offer this post for my fellow bloggers, so that you can acquire readers and reach your climax.

The 20 top strategies

1. King Content

Actually this quotation is what I always read in almost all of the bloggers that “content is the king” so when it is the king then we can call it King Content. Well, the point here is that it is very important, to keep the ball rolling. It is the one which is responsible for your blog to interact with your visitors. And it must be rich in ideas and of always high in quality to develop great readership in your blog.

2. Queen Update

If the content is the king then I may consider that update is the queen. Well, the queen (update) is also very significant factor in your blog. Once you have viewers (eventually it will happen sometime and I know you can) and saw your blog’s post (the King) and it is great, and If they return another day and saw the queen (update) then they will have the very first impression that you have a blog that is always fresh in post and is always up to date. Take note also that when you always update your blog, the chance that “search engine spiders” will index your blog and will bring more visitors and more opportunity will come.

3. The Master Article

This article [the master article] is atleast compose of 600 words or more, in high quality and great sense. This article can be a guide for you in writing your future articles, like if you say a brief discussion in some topics then you can expand it and crosslink it with the master article (did you get it?). So, the more master article the more topics you can produce, and one of the techniques I use in producing topic is to look at your visitors’ questions and research on that. This will lead you to a great contact with them and as a flattering task that they will not just forget at small unit of time.

4. The Time

I bet you know the thing that I will say in here. But let me explain a little more. It will take time before you reach what you seek for and don’t be on the rush to get there at once. Enjoy the time you have with your blog and have passion on it. If you are in a hurry in earning (in case you blog for that only) then it will always take time. I have done that before and my blog suffered (but again I learned form that experience and it is past for how many years from now). So, in waiting just do your passion and it will just come to surprise you, I tell you.

5. Linking your Blog to others

If you heard something about trackback then you will have the advantage but if you don’t know, then I will describe it to you: Trackback is like a way of commenting on others blog, in such way that you post it on your blog and states some of contents that you use as a reference. The beneficial thing that it can do to you is that when that blogger that you track back saw that you link some of your post to his blog, then he might read what you have got there and will later (if you are lucky) return the favor towards you. So, be generous in this way and you can make your stats in traffic increase in no such time and please take my tips here:

1. Choose the blog that you will trackback wisely.

2. Remember that you must have quality directory that you will offer to your visitors, don’t trackback blogs that are of poor quality because this may take a bad impression towards you.

3. State descriptions or reasons in choosing that blog

4.Be polite in stating your reference so that you will not be black listed in his links.

6. Commenting in others blog

Comments in your blog will be worthy if you yourself is also commenting on others blog. Please review their post honestly and in a polite way to promote a relationship. And take note these:

1.Be interesting, be a visitor that will give something unique idea in your part or share some of you experience to attract the attention, it also serve as an introduction in your part.

2. Don’t take your comments as a way of just promoting your blog. Don’t give a damn on them.

3. Don’t do something that you will regret, don’t say a harsh criticism. Eventually the correct minded owner of that blog will have to disapprove it. Instead of stating bad criticism, just state some of suggestions and it will just give you the word “thanks” than something like “%$#@!”. Right?

4.Don’t tell more on your blog there, than the contents of his post. Well this thing is what I hate. Just going there and say something just like “very nice post” then will state “for more comprehensive information please visit my blog here” which are enclose by a link.

5. So, comments are made for the blog owner not yours.

7. Promote commentary In your post

Contents of your blog will not be savory without comments; it is also the way the readers look to see your blog’s popularity. This element make it very special in a way that visitors will think that they are missing something in not reading your blog if they see it as if there are many people who are already passing here and learning something BIG! Here are some ways in promoting comments in your blog:

1.Asking questions to them

2. Making your post interesting

3. Finishing it with out end. (Like asking them to give more o what you have post)

4. Make your post emotion grabber (as if you will say something related to your experience to promote them share theirs)

8. Article submission

I heard this many times that submitting your article with other BIG site that offer free resources will drive traffic. Eventually it will have a sense in a way that, if you have submit some of your articles on them and is viewed by their visitor, then the chance that they will post your link (your link is put there as a source) on their blog increases which will eventually drive that traffic. But, submitting. Your article must be planned well with these tips:

1.Make the articles in high quality.

2. Make it general; avoid talking about your blog. Your aim there is to make your article available to all people out there and to scatter your link.

3. Post your articles not in just one but in few other more BIG sites.

4. A proper way of giving your link is after the conclusion. It is a good etiquette to put it in last.

9. Participate in Online Communities

At first, I have atleast 127 accounts in different social sites (which seem very obsessive in my side, in few past months) I realize that I can’t handle it all. So what I did is that I list 20 sites that are important and I participated there.

My point here is that you must participate in online communities like BlogCatalog, MyBloglog, Reddit and many more to promote your blog. But be very selective and add little sites one by one. And I also suggest looking for their background before signing up.

10. Offer free EBooks

One of the gossips in crazy traffic is to produce EBooks and give it for free include also the rights of distribution or selling it. It will be viral and will eventually flood you traffic.

11. Tagging your Content

Technorati, is the first thing I know where tagging is takes place, I read it several times in blogpost and websites and I personally do it in my case which is really good. Just take the tutorial on it and you will gain what you are looking. Other sites includes, Blogmarks, Flickr, del.icio.us, Stumbleupon, and many more.

12. Blog’s Rss

Rss stands for (Really Simple Syndication) and it is really good tactic in preserving and notifying your visitors to come. It is the very first way of the viewers to get in touch in your blog so take a great attention on it.

13. Link Exchange

Well it is great for you and your blog to exchange links, especially with the great benefits that it will give to you that are 5 I’s which are :

1. Increase your page ranking

2. Increase your traffic

3. Increase your indexed search engines

4. Increase your money earnings

5. Increase your opportunity

Some of other benefit is hat it will give you good relationship with the websites and will also give you the popularity (just in case).

You can e-mail your fellow blogger to do it or you can sign up with site exchange links like linksvana, infowizards and linkexchange.

14. Submit your Url to directories

There are many directories but one of the things that you must consider is to submit your blog one by one to publicize it especially in search engines. You can submit it Blogtopsites and I will ensure to you that it is worth an effort.

15. E-mail signature

The old technique that believe to survives until now and still effective. Just put your link in your e-mail and who knows how many visitors it will drive.

16. Offline Promotion

There are many ways in promoting your blog offline, like posting banner (a real one) or publish some of your ads to reading materials saying that “hey! Visit Our Blog Please”. There are many such things to do with offline promotion, you can pay for it or use some free tactics.

17. Sponsorship

Try to be a sponsor in different events in a blog’s project and they will be happy in putting your link as a sponsor. And who knows how much visitor it can generate. And if you are lucky enough you can promote relationship that will benefit the both sides.

18. Submit some of your great articles to BlogCarnival

Blog Carnival is a site that is according to Yaro Starak of Entrepreneur’s Journey , Small Business Branding and Blog Traffic King that it summarizes a collection of articles from many different blogs on a specific topic. The idea is to collect some of the best content on a topic in a given week. Often many other blogs link back to a carnival host and as such the people that have articles featured in the carnival often enjoy a spike in new readers. This concept can be confusing so I suggest you take a look at the Carnival of the Cats for an example. You can also find a list of all the carnivals and submit your articles at the Carnival Submit Form.

19. Participate in conversation

Once your visitors ask, answer them. Once they have given you compliments, thank them and once they have given you criticism say sorry to them. You must not lost visitor just because of your bad etiquette. So, a simple thank you can give you loyal visitors and good friends. So keep your attitude good and the traffic will come smooth.

20. Be Yourself

There are still many things that you can do to increase your traffic and you can still discover them. Just do the blogging and enjoy yourself and I know you can be successful if you will have constant effort. Just remember tha here in our online community, strategies are also made by humans and you are human then, you can make them too. So, God Bless and I hope for your success.

Author: Can you still add some more with this? I am glad to hear something from you.

Welcome and Greetings!

Welcome to CJBlogforBlogs, The blog is giving you warm welcome and a sweet thank you. Please feel free to navigate my blog.
But before you do it please let me tell you something about this blog.

First, the purpose of this blog is to provide guidelines how to be a successful blogger. The blog continuously search for latest information that it can provide for your satisfaction. We aim to do make this blog a reference for the growing population of bloggers in the whole world.

Second, the blog will also help you to write great contents for your blog post that is very beneficial in attaining success. It will also provide some information that will lead you something to a vast directory of resources and review of some of these resources as time will come.

Third, the blog will teach you how to drive traffic, by updating its information with various trends of information that will help you to find tons of readers. This may include social bookmarking, social sites (that drives traffic and relationships), advertising your blog and many more.

Fourth, the blog will also be discussing about how to monetize your blog with simple steps and comprehensive guides and tutorials.

Fifth, the blog will review another blogs and rate them accordingly till such time that the “Great Blog of the Month” will be post in the home page.

Sixth, We will also interview some of the great bloggers to share their secrets and techniques that will eventually help you I finding your path to success.

A promise, the blog will try its best to attain the expectation of its viewrs and subscribers to its greatest capabilities. So the management is requesting for your support.